News & Announcements

Colorado Complete Defense Verdict

Our Colorado office obtained a complete defense verdict in a premises liability action where the client faced very difficult facts. Over and above that achievement, our firm also beat its Statutory Offer of Settlement to the Plaintiff, creating a mechanism to recover all litigation costs incurred from case inception. This tremendous result came out of our firm’s first trial in Colorado! We invite you to contact Cindie Hernandez to discuss more about evaluation of risk presented under the Colorado Premises Liability Act today, in addition to your unique business needs today.

Continuing Expansion

Our growth continues into the Northwest Region. Charlene Renwick and A. Maria Maskall will be spearheading our Washington operations, with our office located in the heart of Seattle. We invite you to be a part of our newest expansion. For a consultation, please contact them to implement their skill, knowledge and experience in your business planning and risk management today.